For the Love of All Things Sports

By Sa’ichi

For the Love of All Things Sports


At one point, we’ve all picked and cheered for our favorite teams and admired athletes from all kinds of sports. For many of us, these pros have constantly inspired us to become better at what we do, whether at home, in school, or at work and validates our drive to grab everything life has to offer. We have friends and family whose lives were touched by the most iconic games in sports history. To some, collecting signed sports memorabilia is the closest thing they’ll ever get to their idols.


Lucky for us, Hall of Fame Authentics, also known as HOFA, has finally launched in the country. For a long time, it was almost impossible to get authentic signed sports memorabilia in the Philippines. Enter Elvis Gutierrez, Ron Uy, and Stephen Songco, a band of undisputed basketball fans and collectors, who not only made it possible to acquire these items locally but also made sure the experience will be easy, fun, and rewarding for everybody.


All items are guaranteed authentic and is sold equivalent or close to international retail price. For collectors out there, you can rest easy knowing that Upper Deck and Steiner Sports, some of the frontrunners of sports memorabilia trade, are within your grasp. Never be cheated from an online sports memorabilia purchase again.


You can head over to their website and check out the wide range of items available. They have cater to a variety of payment channels as well as flexible payment plans. The memorabilia may be in your hands in as fast as two weeks!

Of course aside from the immense satisfaction (artistic or otherwise) that collectors get from finally having a much-longed for item, it is also a good investment. With proper timing a signed jersey could easily triple the price once an athlete retires for example. In the words of Ron: “Be a fan first, and an investor second,” that way, you’ll get to enjoy more than just the collection and who knows how far it can take you in the next decade.


Sa’ichi | JUNE 7, 2018


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