Luka Doncic Autographed 16×20 “Step Back” Photograph ~Limited Edition to 177~

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Kobe’s Turnaround Jumper. Kareem’s Sky Hook. Iverson’s Crossover. Olajuwon’s Dream Shake.

Every superstar to step foot on an NBA court has had that impossible-to-stop, go-to move that they can hit whenever their team needs an important basket. For Luka Doncic, that move is the step back jumper. Doncic can break down the defender with his handle, and as soon as the defender backs up to guard the drive Luka quickly steps back and launches a rainbow jumper that oftentimes finds the bottom of the net. Although it’s arguably his best move it’s just a small part of the offensive arsenal that Luka brings to the table and there’s no doubt that we’ll see some amazing shots from him for years to come. Commemorate one of Luka’s best attributes with this autographed 16×20 photo!

This autographed photograph includes a Panini Authentic certificate of authenticity with a unique hologram number that corresponds to the hologram on the actual collectible. These holograms protect the integrity of the product and serve to guarantee the authenticity of the signature it bears.


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